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Raw Vegetables, Fresh Fruit & Juicing!

Do you know that eating raw foods is really good for you? Some countries in the east, especially Japan has shown a longer life expectancy for its people as compared to other countries and part of the reason is because of the dietary habits that involve a lot of raw foods.

Why raw natural food? Because natural raw food gives you health and is life-saving! All natural raw food has the full spectrum of vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Our body cannot function well without the right mix of food nutrition. No vitamins or hormones can do their work without enzymes and no immune system can remain intact.

Even with the numerous benefits one will gain, there is still a regrettable impression held by a number of people that raw foods are for vegans and vegetarians only. Honestly, you don't have to totally give up your normal food but to mix raw food into your everyday diet. One way is through juicing. Juicing fresh fruit and vegetables for health is a simple way of making raw food a part of your daily diet.

It is no secret that it is essential to eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. It's also not commonly known that we stand to gain far more from a raw veggie than one that has been cooked. The closer we come to consuming fresh produce straight from the ground, vine or tree ? the greater the nutritional value.

The main reason for this is because of the enzymes that are found in vegetables and fruits. These enzymes benefit our bodies by helping with digestion. When we cook them, these enzymes begin to break down and they're no longer useful to our bodies in that way and our bodies have to pick up the slack, providing our own enzymes for the digestion process. Cooked foods also need more time and more energy to digest. Vegetables thought to be particularly good detox foods too especially broccoli, cauliflower, broccoli sprouts, onions and garlic.

If you consume more raw foods, your body can benefit from the complete nutritional value and live enzymes. The food is digested sooner, delivering more energy and letting the body make use of its main resources for needed repairs instead of working so hard at the digestion process. Raw food and fresh juices also have amazing cleansing and regenerating effect on the entire system, as they hold on to all their nutrients, which might get destroyed while processing and cooking.

It's hard to have a good raw diet daily with our busy and hectic lifestyles. Partly is because it takes more time to prepare and eat raw foods on a daily basis. Even so, we should not use it as an excuse not to mix raw food into our daily diet. Well, for starters, try juicing. It's one of the simplest ways to add raw food into your diet. Even so, you will still have to buy and clean fresh fruits and vegetables, but other than that there is little else for further preparation.

Get started. Buy a good juicer. It is worth the cost to spend a little more than the minimum as you'll be putting this kitchen appliance through a daily or even twice daily work out. Look for a unit that can be cleaned easily.

To get fresh natural produce, try the local farmer's market. It's one of the best places to find fresh natural ingredients for your daily consumption. Remember to wash all ingredients very well before juicing. Begin with some simple fruit and vegetable combinations and slowly build up to consuming more green combinations with fewer fruits for the best results.

Remember: If you don't see yourself "jumping" into this type of eating routine...simply start with small changes in your diet. The better you feel, the more changes you'll make!

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